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Imagine a permanent presence for your company, product or service on this website with high quality targeted traffic able to consistently find you.

Sponsored Posts, tell your story.

The most prestigious companies choose to have a sponsored post with UK The website is well known in the cryptocurrency world and having your post on the site gives extra credibility in an already swamped media market.

Articles are permanent and not removed from the site and we have follow links permanent as well – this means that it’s always a source for the search engines! You will appear on the front page probably for around two weeks.

The posts also appear on our Instagram and Facebook pages and are posted in Bitcoin Facebook Groups with over 800,000 followers.

Note that because the site has a disclaimer we do not put “sponsored posts” text on those posts that are sponsored

Current Clients

Our current clients include:-

and many others


As you may expect the site gets around 2000 users per day, 74% of these coming from generic search engine clicks from Google, other sources include our Instagram, Facebook Feeds, we also promote on Steemit, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn and some massive Facebook Cryptocurrency groups – this is included in your package. So when we post your content it will appear across the Internet, not only great for search engines but great for your brand.

Gender Breakdown

86.89% of our Audience is Male
13.11% is Female

Browser View

52% of our users use Google Chrome
23% Firefox
8% Opera
7% Safari
4% Edge
3% Internet Explorer
3% Android WebView
and the rest.


94% of our users are desktop
5% mobile
1% tablet

Virtual World (new)

You now get a free exhibition stand in our massive virtual world – as part of the price!


Payment is always in advance along with the submission of the article.


You’ll need a document/word/text and two images for us to publish. Please contact us for prices.


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