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*** Warning | READ FIRST ***

Any information on these pages is purely for education purposes, figures and numbers can be wrong and investors/users should beware that this currency is unregulated by any government and is basically run by many many computers over the internet. So take care when putting money into bitcoins and do DUE DILIGENCE on any website. The sites I have on this one have been tested by me BUT that is no guarantee of their reliability in the future, as with the price of any currency your investment/savings may go down or up in value with respect to other currencies.

In a way I feel that because we all own Bitcoin it is secure, because in jeopardising it we jeopardise ourselves.

Short Version

If you do things on this website – it’s at your OWN RISK. I only put my own experiences and these may differ from yours, especially if it is an older post, remember Ponzi schemes might pay now, but they will probably stop paying at some point. So everything on this site is for Education only!

Be careful and be safe! Make sure you have good antivirus and protection on your computers and mobile phones ESPECIALLY if you are an android/pc user.

If you do invest in a site, make sure you understand how long it will take to make money, make small withdrawals regularly, do not leave it in there to mount up, because if they go bust at least you can be happy you got some coin out.

It’s at your own risk, be careful 99% of them are scams EVEN IF THEY ARE PAYING NOW!!!


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