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UKB Coin

Ethereum based UKB Coin

Heavy hitter Crypto Enthusiasts are getting in now before the price goes up on the exchanges. Get yours from our limited supply direct from the Ethereum mint. Imagine being on the ground floor of an investment that others will likely completely miss!

You can see the coin in the Ethereum Network Here.

Only 150,000 coins have been produced so there are limited availability which will make them desirable in the future.

Tokens are available for purchase by Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum and will be delivered to your ERC20 Wallet within 24 hours.

What do you get by Purchasing UKB Coins?

By Purchasing these coins you get:-

  • A tradeable ECR20 coin balance – Tradeable right now on EtherDelta and other exchanges (you’ll need MetaMask installed to use EtherDelta).
  • The knowledge you are supporting our research into crypto and the blockchain for the future – with posts designed to benefit you!
  • Any help and advice you need setting up your ECR20 compliant wallet.
  • These coins will be sold for  £10 per coin approximately until they are all gone at that point they will fluctuate in value based on market rates in comparison to other currencies.
  • You can purchase the coin or buy the product below at Love and Design and have the coin sent out to you.
Pay with Cryptocurrency

.0.00131 BTC per token or 0.01 Ethereum PER COIN. 

Payment must be received before tokens will be issued.

The transaction ID of the payment sent, just so we can verify it in the Blockchain




How to get an ERC20 Ethereum Wallet

The easiest way is to install a plugin into your Chrome or Firefox Browser. The plugin is called “MetaMask”.

  1. Visit when in your Chrome or Firefox Browser.
  2. Click Get extension – ether Chrome or Firefox
  3. Once the plugin is installed you just click the “Little Fox” in the top right corner of your browser and follow the instructions (note you have to scroll all the way down the terms and conditions)
  4. You’ll need your Ethereum Wallet Address as pointed out in the illustration
  5. Now Add the UKB Token to MetaMask. So you can see your coin when it arrives. – Click Tokens, Add Token and copy the screenshot. Use the Contract Address below – it should automatically fill in “UKB” in your contract token holder. Use the contract address below and keep the digits at 18.
  6. Click SENT then TOKENS to refresh your tokens. You should see the UKB Token there. Now when your tokens are sent over, by clicking SENT and TOKENS you should see your balance.

The Contract Address you need for UKB Coins is: 0xeF0d9374Fd37cc7f53d816288BcFc2d613811157

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