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HEXXO – Pretty $100 up front free – but not mining Bitcoins!

So this website is from the United Arab Emirates and they are mining “HEX COINS” but it’s buy and sell with Bitcoins so I’ve included it. The interface is very good and as a programmer I can tell you it’s no mean feat to set up something like this.

I’ll be testing this over the next week or two but the sign up gets you free hashing power, well worth doing to start with – as with all these things I will invest in it soon to test if it actually works.

Update 26th October 2017

Account now stands at $367.28 from 17th April this year. Not to bad, however, I’ve not tried withdrawing from this but the fact it’s lasted this long. Fine.


  1. Bruno Bruno October 30, 2017

    Did you tried to withdraw?

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | October 31, 2017

      Funnily enough, I was thinking that myself, it’s time I did a test Withdrawal so I will do one in the next few days once I’ve built up enough coins to make it worth while.

      The domain is registered since 2004 and I’ve certainly had an account for a long time – I’ve been re-investing my profits 🙂

  2. Hoo Hoo December 17, 2017

    And? How did the withdrawal go?

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | December 21, 2017

      Well, funnily enough, I forgot to do it! So It’s been sitting there, will update shortly.

    • UK UK Post author | February 20, 2018

      Need to go and check on my payout – can you confirm your reasons?

    • UK UK Post author | February 20, 2018

      okay i’ve requested a withdrawal but it ssays 0 is available I’ve now messaged them to ask why.

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