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Alibabacoin Foundation launches the upgraded version of their Multi-Crypto wallet

Alibabacoin Foundation has announced the launch of the updated and improved version of their well-acclaimed Multi-Crypto Wallet. Now the Android users will be able to download the wallet from Google Play Store while the iOS version will be available on App Store soon. The updated version of the wallet will come with several new and improved features to make the whole user experience even better. The users were eagerlywaiting for the updated wallet and their wait is finally over with the latest release of the Multi-Crypto Wallet.

What’s more exciting is that Alibabacoin Foundation will offer 100 ABBC coins for free to the users who download the Multi-Crypto wallet. First, 500,000 users who will download the wallet and complete the registration process in our event website after that they will be eligible to receive 100 ABBC coins in their wallet for free.

“We want to thank our faithfulcommunity who are eagerly awaiting the release and constantly monitoring our official channels for updates. We are very grateful for your continued support and patience with us”, said the spokesperson of Alibabacoin Foundation. The users also have a chance to earn an extra 20 ABBCcoins by sharing the referral link provided to them after signing up. They can share the link with others and earn free ABBCcoins every time someone else signsup through the link.

Alibabacoin Foundation is also organizingthe KYC (Know Your Customer) event to know their audience and supporters better. This event will help the company in making improvements in their business model to provide better services and user experience. The Multi Crypto Wallet is fully integrated into the Alibabacoin Foundation blockchain platform. Using this wallet, the users will be able to store and transfer multiple cryptocurrencies including ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, and DASH simultaneously.

The users can seamlessly exchange and transfer the currencies within the app without entering any password. In addition, the integrated face recognition technology provides the user with unmatched security and privacy. As of now, the Multi-Crypto wallet features only six currencies but in the near future,Alibabacoin Foundation is planning to add up totwenty coins in the wallet. ‘

Aliabacoin Foundation is excitedto launch their upgraded wallet which has received positive initial feedback from the users. They sincerely thank theirusers fortheir continuous support.

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