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At last, a Bitcoin Debit Card solution.

My friends over at got in touch to tell me that there’s FINALLY a UK Bitcoin debit card. After the recent debacle with VISA literally shutting down all UK debit cards connected to Bitcoin accounts, it was welcome news that a new card was available. Up till now I’ve been going through a strange process of transferring out of my Bitpay account into Skrill and then withdrawing from that into my bank account. Having a simple debit card though is much more convenient, being able to simply withdraw money onto the card and just spend it like you would from any other account.

It’s really worth bookmarking or adding to your browser favourites as I’m sure they will be adding more cards to their list for you to compare Bitcoin debit cards in the future as more become available.

How do debit cards affect crypto’s usage?

My dream of course is that everyone will use crypto in their day to day lives, because I believe that we should move away from a government/bank controlled fiat system to something where people actually spend money buying real goods. Remembering that the whole of the financial system is pretty much based on debt and interest, having a Bitcoin based system where there is only so much Bitcoin rather than just printing money is just better for everyone.

Get a Bitcoin Debit card and be part of the revolution!

I hope that everyone who is interested in crypto goes further than just using at something to make money with, but sees it’s potential as a world changing future busting system. Having a Bitcoin based bank account/debit card is one step towards that for all of us.

Click Here for the website.

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