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Banks cannot keep your money safe!

You though Bitcoin scams were bad. Banks are worse. Last year, customers transferred nearly £240m to fraudsters, only a quarter of which was refunded by financial firms.

Scammers are everywhere not just in the Bitcoin world. Even standard banks cannot keep your money safe. Last week Natwest bank’s systems have gone offline which further damages the banks reputation. Considering the banking crisis not long ago when the UK Government bailed out banks who nearly broke the economy. The whole industry is a sham.

Scams include fake emails from banks, fake phone calls, people walking round with contactless machines and using them to scan peoples cards in their pockets and many more terrible things.

Why is crypto better?

Trust. With Bitcoin you don’t need to trust people, just mathematics and the blockchain. As the blockchain is distributed and not hackable this means that crypto is better.

How can I protect myself?

Don’t pay anyone unless you are REALLY sure who they are and what it’s for.

Don’t invest in something if it’s too good to be true – it probably is. Remember just because a site is paying doesn’t mean it is actually not a scam.

If you get an email from your bank – or another organisation manually go to the website of that organisation. Do NOT click on links in emails.


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