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Birdchain – Blockchain DApp that Rewards

Birdchain is a decentralized app (dapp) that will create universal basic income for Android users. This will be achieved by allowing regular people to earn cryptocurrency on their phone. All that is needed is to download the Birdchain dapp.

The app users will have 3 ways to earn passive income: by selling their unused text messages, participating in surveys and by monetizing personal data.

Those who sell their unused messages could earn up to 150 USD monthly. Additionally, the app allows extra ways to make earnings such as participation in surveys, winning in-app games, watching video content as well as monetizing personal data. Birdchain principles are closely following in the footsteps of Apple Inc by providing ergonomic as well as convenient solutions to consumers.

The BIRD tokens are the mechanism through which the objective of Birdchain is achieved. The demand for the tokens is bound to grow with an increase in the app users and companies interested in using Birdchain services.The higher user base the higher demand for the token will be.  The alpha dapp version will allow users to sell their unused SMS six months after the ICO finishes. Followed by other  feature implementation and final product presentation in a Mobile World conference in 2019

The tokens run on Ethereums blockchain as well as conforming to ERC-20 standards. Maximum supply for the tokens rests at 580,263,158 while the ICO Birdchain is expected to distribute about 441,000,000 tokens. The team responsible for developing Birdchain completed successfully pre-ICO and will use these funds to improve the development of MVP as well as marketing of the main ICO event. The flash sale that is also referred to as VIP ICO will begin on Wednesday 7th February at exactly 15:00 hours GMT and will end after 24 hours. It will only be open to the members of the community who are whitelisted on the website ( ahead of the starting date. Additionally, there will be special VIP ICO bonus for the participants.

On the VIP ICO date (7th February), BirdChain team will attend 3 different meetups that will be arranged in four different countries. During the meetups, the participants will be able to not only meet but also speak with the team, ask as many questions as they want and have beer together as they continue to socialize. The areas that have been identified for the meetups include Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and New York.

If interested to meet the team here are the locations:

  1. London

  1. Frankfurt

  1. Amsterdam

Click Here for the BirdChain website.

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