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Bitcoin Scammers on Facebook. (and how to avoid them).

I’m getting reports of more Bitcoin scammers on Facebook/Reddit groups approaching people with “MINING” opportunities and requiring their private keys and passwords. Giving out this information allows these scumbag scammers to take all your crypto and run off with it.

What do you NOT give out?

  • Private key
  • 24 Word Passphrase
  • Password

So what information CAN you give out safely?

Only Public Keys. You can get these in any wallet simply by going to RECEIVE and copying the long number and QR code. If someone wants to give you cryptocurrency those are the things they will need (either the QR code or the Public Key).


bitcoin address
Example of a QR code/Bitcoin Address


If you are not sure please contact us and we’ll help protect you. Remember there are many scammers out there and a  lack of knowledge in this area could cost you dearly!


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