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BitRent Takes Part in Crypto Investor Show 2018 in London

March 10th 2018 is marked by an iconic event in the area of crypto technologies – Crypto Investor Show 2018 London. The BitRent team presented their product – a blockchain platform for construction investments.

BitRent continues to actively unveil the potential of blockchain technology within investments in construction realm. Crypto Investor Show 2018 caught significant attention in the tech-savvy community and that’s why we saw many professionals from global crypto community, private investors and traders from the whole world.

The BitRent representatives showcased the possibilities that every investor will get by taking advantage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain within the BitRent platform. Using relevant crypto tools allows to establish efficiency on all levels of construction industry. In other words, they will make the platform a global tools for collecting investments into construction.

BitRent’s solutions do not only give an opportunity to invest money, but more importantly – they enable each and every investor to directly influence the construction progress, control investment objects during all construction stages. Among undeniable advantages of the platform – cryptocurrency materialization – there’s one that stands apart – BitRent created a meaningful token. It’s a new type of cryptocurrency, which cost is based on real objects. It is no more a fiction – this currency is backed by existing business and a whole economy sector.

First project

Unity Towers is the first tokenized object that is built using the BitRent tools. It’s a complex of three high-rise buildings that comprise a residential area, hotel, business center, coworking space and IT-Hub. The object is located in an investment-attractive location – by the Black Sea. This project – built using Blockchain, Smart Contracts, BIM и RFID – will become a model for other developers and open a new business niche for investors.

Unity Towers provides the following advantages for investors:

  • Resort zone.
  • High renting demand.
  • Well-developed infrastructure in a modern megapolis.
  • Short way to the sea, park and entertainment zones.
  • Perfect combination of residential, business and trade functions.

What investors get?

Unity Towers investors — platform users — get the following preferential advantages:

  • Profit up to 30% per annum.
  • Real estate share (depends on the size of investment).
  • Investments are secured from all exchange fluctuations.
  • Transparency — investors are able to monitor their object progress.
  • Simple investment.

BIM and RFID technologies are to be actively used during the construction. It will inevitably lead to better quality control, meeting of deadlines and locating project data gaps at any stage.

You may find more detailed information on the official website of the platform

Right now, our ICO is still active. You can buy RNTB tokens and become an investor here

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