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Block Chain Buff? Meet REMME

If You Never Want to Have to Remember a 17-Character Password Ever Again, Get Behind This Pivotal Block Chain, Now.

If you are into cryptocurrencies, you know to back the block chain, and not the crypto with the most volatility. That’s an easy one for anyone familiar with the landscape. If you’re not, we’ll catch you up to speed in one sentence: You bet on a company because of the people behind it, and the product they sell, not because they have a cool name.

Now, let’s quickly cover block chain. Block chain is what drives the utility of different cryptocurrencies. As people purchase tokens, they are basically buying ownership of a share of the overall use of the service/utility that the block chain application lends to society.

Now—if you’re an investor, and block chain application through cryptocurrencies can give you great potential for gains, you want to get behind an application that people and businesses all over the world are going to use, right?

Well, what if you could invest in a technology that eliminated the use of passwords and login credentials forever. That’s pretty universal.

Enter REMME.

REMME is getting rid of passwords entirely, and using block chain technology has and was and machine authentication across all systems, all over the world. Ready for the brief, and important, technical part? REMME uses a Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security certificate for every single connected device. These certificates are stored via block chain, which creates a permanent, fixed record for authentication anytime someone wants to access their information from their device. Fake certificates will never work for your device, if they can even be created, at all.

Plus, the minds behind REMME have been the impetus behind major block chain security systems, like the Emercoin block chain with Telegram 2FA, and again with Bitcoin, using Telegram 2FA. So, there’s your product, and the people behind it.

Here’s why that’s so important.

A study published by Google and Berkeley researchers found that between March 2016 and March 2017, 788,000 people were victims of keyloggers, 12.4 million people were victims of phishing kits, and 1.9 billion usernames and passwords were compromised in data breaches and sold on the black market.

This eliminates the threat of phishing, brute force data steals, bucket brigades, keylogging, server breaches, password breaches, and more.

Using block chain technology, REMME has made personal credentials immune to cyber attacks. Without the existence of username and password databases, digital thieves and hackers have nowhere to go, and nothing to target. Servers containing these databases simply don’t exist, permanently removing the vulnerability usernames and passwords give our most personal information.

Next time you want to access your personal data, all you have to do is use your device and click using two-factor authentication.

Whether you’re a crypto aficionado, block chain buff or avid investor looking to get into companies, innovators and technologies changing the world, here’s the deal REMME’s token distribution is offering:

Since block chain is empowering this movement, REMME will generating one billion REM Tokens, with 50% up for sale. As a utility token, REM Tokens will power all operations within the REMME ecosystem. That means your investment will be capitalizing on the usage of the SSL system and overall block chain application REMME is putting forward.

REMME is one of the hottest ways in which block chain technology is changing the world. To get involved, go online to, today!

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