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Crypto Market Update

So I use a trading robot actually to trade the forex/crypto/gas etc markets based on my MagiTrade forex indicator, the robot basically works by doing what I would do if I was manually trading. So I’m going to give you what the robot things at the moment (this may all change in the next hour of course!).

BTCUSD – Flat with a bullish bias. You can see that we have had a nice solid rally but yesterday it’s been faltering (however it was Monday), trades tend to go against you on Monday, of course, we don’t have a trade on BTCUSD at the moment.

The robot is short Ether and BCH. As it’s noticed a downward move. As it’s a hedging robot I won’t be touching the trades.

The robot is long on Ripple which is a great idea because Apple has just said they are going to put ripple payment on their payment systems.

The indicator you can see is the MagiTrade indicator I’ve developed, the robot is in testing at the moment so I really need 3 months data from it.

Click Here for the MagiTrade indicator.

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