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Education Is the Next Sector to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Quality education is an essential part of a happy, fulfilled life. To be educated means to have a foundation for self-development. In our modern world of rapid innovation and digitalization it is a common practice for people, especially those whose schedule is rather tough, to keep up with the pace of technological development via online education platforms (EdTech) and video courses.

The trend towards online education is gaining momentum. According to Research & Markets, the global e-Learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 7.2% over the next decade and to reacha market capitalization of approximately $325 billion by 2025. However, despite its gaining popularity, existing EdTech platforms currently suffer from low levels of course completion and user retention, resulting in poorlong term engagement.

Blockchain will soonbecome a solution for education

The disruptive and decentralized nature of the blockchain hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the institutions within the system. For example, Holberton School in San Francisco, which offers project-based education, uses blockchain technology to create and store issued certificates.Another implementation of the technology has already been found in the simplificationof payment systems. Universities such as University of Nicosia, Simon Fraser University (BC), King’s College (New York), and FPT University (Vietnam) have already begun accepting cryptocurrency fortuition fees.

Tutellus plans to go further

Tutellus, an experienced player in the online education market, is joining the club of blockchain-enabled projects. It will soon present its upgraded platform, based on blockchain and smart-contract solutions, that provides all participants (students, teachers and companies) with access to all kinds of services. CEO of Tutellus, Miguel Caballero, explains:

Tutellus has an integrated incentive system that will pay students for learning and remunerate teachers according to their impact in the success of their students. The more you learn, the more money you get, the more relevant you are in the Community and the more visible you become to companies that may be interested in you”

In contrast to other greenfield projects in the blockchain-enabled education field, the Tutellus platform is not startingfrom scratch. Tutelluslaunched its platform in May 2013andhas since built a base of 1 million loyal students, 130 000 video courses, and 3000 teachers.

Tutellus ecosystem provides two kinds of tokens for its users: TUT and Smart TUT (STUT). The former, TUT token, is designed for clients to be able to purchase services and video courses on the platform. The students’ relevance and rating will be measured in the latter STUT (Smart TUT) tokens.

Now the company is about to catch the ICO train. Supported by its partnership with Cryptonomos, Tutellus will launch its Crowdsale in mid-May, 2018. A pre-sale of TUT tokens begins on May 10. During this period, Tutellus provides users with a 20% bonus; the minimum purchase amount is 5 ETH.

A public token sale begins on June 12, 2018 and will remain open until July 12 or the hardcap of $40 million is reached.

Details of the Token Sale

  1. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 15 000 TUT;
  2. Min. contribution: 0.05 ETH;
  3. Acceptable means of payment: ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH.
  4. Bonuses for early birds: up to 10%.

Tutellus also offers special bonuses for large investors that are discussed individually with every purchaser.


Tutellus plans to allocate the funds to product and engineering (40%), sales and marketing (20%), publicity and PR (20%), operations (10%), security, loyalty and reserves (10%).


To participate in Tutellus ICO, visit the website


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