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Eliqa Coin

To quote the forums:-

Will be a trading platform that leverages liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and allows transactions from one single account with all types of assets at different exchanges. An additional feature allows automation of the inter-exchange arbitrage process. The major goals of the ICO are to create and develop a platform for traders that makes it easy to trade crypto assets from different exchanges in one single interface, to provide low commission rate with high-quality service. There are two key features of the platform: the possibility to trade assets on the majority of the world’s crypto exchanges from one account; the automation of the arbitrage process. Participants will have the opportunity to make extra profit by using their deposit.

So basically there is a coin Eliqa coin – I have a wallet set up ready for the off!

This will allow us to Arbitrage (buy from one exchange and sell on another) and make a profit by doing so – So for example, if Bitcoin is $7000 on one and $7010 on the other, you could sell your 1 bitcoin on one and buy on the other and make $10.

However, there will be charges in doing so so you have to factor that in to see if it’s worthwhile – between you and me I have been working on some software that does this already but to have one platform to do the exchange on will be brilliant.  I’m looking forward to plugging into their API!

The problem with Arbitrage is simple – the speed at which you can move the money – if while you are transferring the price changes (which it will), then you may make more or lose some.

I’ve been talking to Eliqa, and they are a nice bunch of folk so I’d encourage anyone to invest in this one (but you do it at your own risk of course!!!). If this goes well it could be a really good coin, it has a blockchain rather than being an ERC20 token (which to be honest I could set up in 10 minutes!). Also, it’s own client (I will be mining this one as well – it’s built into the client!).

Here are the links! – Probably worth subscribing to everything. But most importantly DISCORD.

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