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$100 Free for Investing. Getting Interesting at no cost


Have you ever had a surreal moment? A moment when you think, what exactly is going on here?

That’s what I’ve found with, not quite sure why they are “giving” me $100 which I’ve then clicked on “Actively” to “invest” the money, whilst being presented with pop up adverts.

I’m not at all sure what it’s doing. Apparently, the site is based in the UK, but I’m sure the terms and conditions are written in Russian.

So I’m clicking on the “Actively” button on each of the things and investing the free $100 they gave me. But they don’t seem to want any more money. So how on earth this works I don’t know.

I’ll update you tomorrow when I’ve made my fortune. Just not sure how.

So if you want to get $100 and invest it for nothing with what appears to be no risk at all give it a go. But I’m still scratching my head about how it makes money or gives money out. Or even what the site’s function is.

The Domain was registered in March this year. It isn’t based in the UK that’s for sure.

There are lot’s of people claiming it’s a scam – but I need to see where, because at the moment it’s not asked me for any money. I would think there is a catch in there somewhere I’m just not sure what it is yet. So try it if you want but watch out!

Update Day 2

So I’ve gone back in this morning and look at me!

So I have to go and click the Actively button every day – no worries. I have to re-invest every day, for nothing making $100 a day. Sounds good – not a scam so far! 🙂

I think I’m going to do this then withdraw some at the end of the month. But what’s puzzling is they have not needed any financial investment from me!

Now you can only withdraw the profit. So actually I could only get $5 out 🙁 but that’s ok because it’s costing me nothing – oh and you have to have a minimum of $100 so it’s going to take a while for me to get there but I’m nothing but persistent. Since they only pay once a month I should have at least $100 due to me by the end of the month, yay.

Give it a go! what have you got to lose except a bit of effort on your part?


Ok, I can’t call it a scam because you don’t have to invest anything except your time. You have to go in every day and do the “investments” and it generates pop up windows so I think it might generate real cash, I’ll carry on and find out soon but it’s not an investment site at all.

I ran out of energy for using this site. I think it may be an advertising scam, to be honest, but I’ll never know because it’s too much effort.

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