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Free Bitcoins with the CryptoTab Browser

If you are looking for a way to get FREE Bitcons then I can recommend the CryptoTab Browser.

Originally this was a plugin for Google Chrome, that you would have to install, but this is a whole browser that will import your chrome settings and mine Bitcoin in the background.

It’s easy to download and install and you just enter your Bitcoin address to get going which is pretty neat.

Mining Speed

It’s actually (sadly) pretty slow at mining, but that’s actually normal.

Bitcoin has become more difficult to mine, this means that mining crypto is very very slow.

However this lightweight browser just sits in the background and mines Bitcoin. It doesn’t seem to affect the computer too much (mind you I’m running a 2017 Macbook pro) and means that my computer can try and recover some of it’s cost.

If you are looking to get some FREE bitcoins this is a good option but you might have to wait a while for it to generate anything, getting referrals is a good idea (or setting it up on different machines at home).


It’s been fine with my Anti-Virus and Firewall so I would think it is safe to use.

Click Here to get your free bitcoin browser.

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