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Good news! Splititmining are back, bad news – it’s as a different site – here we go again!

I’d like to thank Manu, one of my amazing readers for finding this! Splititmining have come back to haunt us as another site Bitmine! Here’s the evidence. On the contact us page our old friend “Splitit Mining appears”.

Now naturally I’m going to try and sign in with my old Splititmining credentials! Ofcourse! That didn’t work, so then I tried, “reset password”, that didn’t work either. I will say that the site is half finished so I don’t expect a lot from it, it looks like basic HTML pages.

What’s the domain up to?

Apparently it’s registered to this person!

So what next? Well I think I’ll try and contact support and see where that goes. But it does look like the site is unfinished, but what could this mean?

  1. (doubtful) Splititmining is relaunching and we’ll all get a lovely email.
  2. (more likely) It’s pretty much the same scam in different clothing.

But first let me sign up and have a look..

Okay Signing up doesn’t work! So I can pretty much guarantee that this site is no where near ready, it demands a sponsor and if you don’t have one then it won’t let you sign up.

Right – there are no contacts, it looks like the site is completely half developed. So I’ll watch it every day and provide updates on this post.





  1. Siggie Siggie June 12, 2017

    this is potentially exciting 😀

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 12, 2017

      Yes all may not be lost – put it like this if it does come back online at least we’ll be able to wave our fingers at the naysayers LOL.

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 12, 2017

      Very true – if they are honest enough to email us – can you imagine if they’ve set up some forced matrix or something and start paying again! wow. anyway we won’t hold our breath.

  2. Manu Manu June 12, 2017

    Please read my last coments. They are back with the only intention of stealing again. They are not refunding their older customers.

    • Siggie Siggie June 12, 2017

      where are your last comments?

  3. Manu Manu June 16, 2017

    Bitmineglobal now offline

  4. Hoang Hai Hoang Hai June 21, 2017

    all the database picture from Genesis Mining . . .

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 21, 2017

      Common practice with scammers.

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