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Happy New Year! but what about Bitcoin?

Happy New Year Everyone and thanks so much for all the support especially from our sponsors!

So you may remember my last post about the progress of Bitcoin and what is happening next. In 2016 Bitcoin dropped and then recovered and I think we are a  pivot point. At this point, the currency will either drop further then recover fully or recover and increase in value. My GUT FEELING (and that’s all it is), is that it’s too early to re-invest and I would look to wait till the world gets back to work Jan 2nd, I’m even tempted to predict that 15th Jan would be a good place. Tempted! At the moment the markets are as flat as a pancake so I just recommend holding what you have. If you want to invest here you may see another drop before we go back up again.

Remember all this is pure speculation. I note that a few websites have stopped accepting Bitcoin. Love and Design are still accepting Bitcoin because they have said they will hold it and fund the orders from other funds.

So happy new year everyone and remember, investment is at your own risk. Bitcoin is not like standard currencies because of the way it’s structured and governed.

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