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How to make money with articles and Steemit.

So some time ago I wrote about Steemit, a forum system where you get paid for posts. Well, I posted a few things and forgot about them. Then went back yesterday – can’t remember why and those old posts had racked up $25 in Steemit tokens which I converted to Bitcoin!

Now it takes some effort if you are just writing posts straight to Steemit, so why not have a blog as well? You have to learn some basic mark up and inserting images involves dragging and dropping them from your computer.

Hilariously, a Steemit bot promoted my own web page to me and upvoted me (effectively paying me for something I’d just posted).

Some posts in Steemit do make a lot of money, thousands of dollars, it’s just finding that topic or niche that works for you.

You can mine the Steemit currency as well as it’s actually all based on the blockchain.

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