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Incredible ProBit Referral Program

I’ll be doing further reviews of ProBit Cryptocurrency Exchange soon but I wanted to talk about the ProBit Referral Program.

The program allows anyone to earn USDT (Tether which is used in trading platforms to exchange currencies). Normally these sort of cryptocurrency referral programs only provide a basic referral fee, but the Probit Program not only supplies $4 USDT for every person you refer who depoits $50 worth of assets, but also a 10-20% of the trading fee, that’s not all, you have the chance of winning an EOS or Samsung S9 Phone.

It’s well worth considering ProBit Exchange not only from the point of view of trading, but also from the point of developing a residual income through clients you refer to the platform.

Joining the cryptocurrency referral program is simple, you just create a new account. You’ll get a verify code in your email that you need to enter then you’re live.

I will be using Probit more as time goes on and will provide further information for you, but it’s an exciting and easy to use platform.

Click Here for the link.

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