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FREE Bitcoins for Searching!

I’m Signup at Searchtrade Now!!pretty fed up with Google, now they’ve stopped taking ads from sites that have anything to do with crypto. However, I’ve found a great search engine that works as an alternative and has some pretty unique features.

Firstly you can buy and own a keyword – Bitcoin for instance sold for $6000 or so! Secondly, you earn Bitcoin by referring others. Pretty neat. So I’m going to be featuring them on this site, and I’m in discussions with them now (well, I sent them a message) about bringing their search on to UK

So – search for stuff and earn free BTC, Buy keywords – have fun!

Issues with the site

  • Doesn’t really work with Firefox
  • Naturally – when you purchase keywords it takes a while for it all to go through
  • They are re-modelling the site at the moment (I’ve actually spoken to them!) and so it will be really improved in the future, and I think that they have a great concept
  • Support is #1 very very fast – even though they are in Singapore.

Update – okay the site is in development still – got this email about the keywords I purchased so I suggest you don’t purchase yet, but sign up and use the site – when this gets going it’s going to be great!

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