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Payout Pro – Is it a scam?

So I was invited to sign up for Payout pro a bitcoin based platform for promoting products. It allows you to create a portfolio of digital products to sell throughout the network.

It also has a number of plans available, including advertising.

My concerns are with this:-

  • It only takes Bitcoin for deposit.
  • Parts of it look like a Ponzi scheme
  • In the video the guy says “this is not an investment” – but it looks like it to me.
  • Don’t be fooled by people in videos – these can be people hired to make the videos.

It’s worth a go I think but my concern is everyone will get into the plans and ignore the products. This means it’s simply a Ponzi scheme. Where does the profit from the plans come from? If it comes from other people in the network it’s a Ponzi.

The WHOIS lookup gives this all the way through. No hope of finding out who is behind it from this.

Registrant Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
Registrant Street: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 
Registrant State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
Registrant Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY

So don’t put in what you can’t afford to lose and be prepared for it to disappear. I would give it 6 months, I might be proved wrong but you never know.

PayOutPro Office: 101 Las Canas, Bavaro Punta Cana, 23000 Dominican Republic is the office address. However as we’ve seen before this could be just a postal address. It looks like a golf course or a hotel – rather lovely!

Click Here to sign up (free) – but remember that even if it pays now it may not in the future – update in a week.

Update (a few days later)

So when you visit the site after registering it shows you an advertisement that you have to view before going into the site. I wonder if it will end up being an advertising network?

I am making a small profit on my investment at the moment but I have not realised it yet. Although I’m still unsure about it – I think it’s worth following for a while.

My advice – it’s worth a try but don’t invest too much yet.


  1. Darren protheroe Darren protheroe January 19, 2019

    Great review and spot on with your analysis.
    This site is a classic Ponzi scam run by the same admin as My24HourIncome and so far they have shown no real good products and the website has already been hacked. Follow the story here at PayOutProscam dot home dot blog

    Stay clear from anything Drew Burton promotes…just google his name

    • UK UK Post author | January 20, 2019

      Yes they are using an adapted MLM script that is publicly available for purchase for about $20.00. People fall for it because they see high interest returns but in reality they will never even get the principle back.

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