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Empireworkers Refund double Bitcoin.

Well I love good news, and surprise money. You may know that I invest money in scams to prove they are scams. But only if they look like they MIGHT be ok.

Well the Empire Workers website, another scam was one such website.

I received a strange email this morning.

Hello there,

You are receiving this email because you have purchased a $15 clicks pack on EmpireWorkers  .

As an initiative to reward our users, we would love to offer you a double refund, meaning that you will receive $30 back in Bitcoin with no strings attached. With bitcoin's low price, this is the perfect time to stack up on bitcoins as the price may rise up to it's former glory.

To receive your double refund, simply reply to this email with a valid BTC wallet address and we'll send your bitcoins in no time.

Best wishes,

EmpireRefunds (dot) com
Now I know most people, would just ignore such an email but I do like testing things so I sent them my BTC address to see what would happen.
Yes please 😊


Low and behold within about 10 seconds I got a reply back.


We've just sent your bitcoins. You can check the status here:

Enjoy !
I clicked on the link – and there it was a transaction – what’s more the $30 bitcoin arrived in my BTC account.
I literally fell off my chair with shock! What? It’s not a scam, I really got double my money back?


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