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Swift Demand – FREE Daily income.

I have often liked the idea of everyone getting a basic income. I mean – if you could close all the job centers and just give people a basic income to start with I wonder how much that would save on administration and costs. It would also mean no one would be poor. Some, are poor in spirit, some are bad at managing money but at the end of the day everyone would be able to eat.

That’s enough anarchy. So in a small way, Swift goes a measure towards this, they have an online store where members offer their services in exchange for Swift coins. You get 100 coins every day but you have to claim them. This works as a good incentive to keep visiting the site but my concern is that every day the coins go down in value because there are a number being generated (or perhaps they are in a pool). I wonder if they will limit the supply thus preserving the actual value of the coins.

So an interesting project, and, hey, did I say it’s free!

Click Here for website.

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