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Trading Update DOW Crash…

Sorry no video but I’ve sadly broken my headphones and my mac mic doesn’t work so it’s a text-only day today. First I’d like to start with a couple of charts, BTCUSD and the DOW30 (Dow Jones).

The one above is not the Bitcoin chart, it’s the DOW JONES!!!!!

And here’s the Bitcoin chart – so traders are saying the lower one is a crash and the upper one is a correction. To me there is no difference, do you see the fair price line (WHITE LINE), look how both hit it, went slightly below and are now on the way back up… both of them suffered, both are recovering. I have a lovely friend who took my advice and invested coin at the point below the white line and is now smiling (thank me later).

Now on to my trades. Winners and losers.

WHY OH WHY did I trade the AUDCAD short! In my defence I’d not implemented a new part of my indicator you can see it in the top left corner that shows me where the price is in regards to the fair price – if they are all buying and the price is in the right place then I’ll buy, likewise if they are all selling and the price is in the right place, a sell is in order – I’m working on a robot shortly to use this.

The Good news here is I think it will come back down and get into profit at which point I’ll close this baby and forget it ever happened. All B’s on the indicator when for some unknown reason I put on a sell is bad. But in my defence, this is quite an old trade from last week and the Buy/Sell indicator wasn’t there.

And here’s my pretty beautiful short on USDCAD entered just below the fair price when everything was looking down 2 days ago. went back up slightly and then kabam down it went. I’m moving my stop down with the trade during the next few days to take the profit out of it. Much nicer. I love the way this pair moves, when it commits to a run down it goes, it really goes.

The indicator I used I developed myself it’s called the Magitrade indicator and should be available on the MQL5 store very soon.


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