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Where can I actually spend Bitcoins?

Ok – it’s all very well and groovy having this crypto currency but where can you actually spend or use it? Well I’ve found a pretty useful website

And of course, you can buy gift cards with Bitcoins which opens up many more places you can use them. What’s REALLY exciting about this one is that you can buy Amazon and apple gift cards.

Okay okay, so you say, well I can just use my credit card/debit card? Yes, except that if you use Bitcoins you are using something you own, not a promise of someone else. I was chatting with one of my best friends last night and I said that I’ve worked out I’m pretty much an anarchist when it comes to financing, not someone who causes chaos on the streets, but someone who believes we should be in charge of our own money, something that we are not with fractional reserve banking. In that sense using Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency is propagating that freedom of knowing that I own the “data”, and I’m spending my data not someone else’s promise.

Last but Not Least

Don’t forget Love and Design they are offering Bitcoin and Etherium Payments at the moment.

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Feb 2018


  1. Bitcoin Grotto Bitcoin Grotto February 16, 2018


    We’re proud to be the one of the first online stores to accept cryptocurrency as our exclusive method of payment. We are based and registered in the UK. With an aim of expanding our coverage over 2018, we currently only service the UK however as we continue to grow, we will expand into new markets.

    We offer customers a wide range of products ranging from electronics to gadgets, all available to buy with your favorite crypto.

    We currently allow instant purchasing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & Dash. We also offer alternative payment methods for other altcoins

    • UK UK Post author | February 16, 2018

      Hey thanks for the email – you could probably benefit from a sponsored post! Check out the Advertisers page!

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